Brian McCann

This episode is going to a little different. First, let me introduce myself. I am Talia Goodman, the Road to Wine Expert podcast manager. I work alongside Brian McCann to deliver you fresh wine content each week. For this episode, I got to flip the script and ask Brian questions about his journey to becoming […]

Hillary Zio

Hillary Zio doesn’t just have an Instagram account that leaves you inspired and envious. She is a wine educator and consultant. Her book, The Unfiltered Guide to Working in Wine, is a roadmap that outlines her career path and documents the ins and outs of different jobs in the wine industry. Upon reading, I decided […]

Chel Petras

I’m continually impressed by Chel Petras and the wine knowledge she’s gained in the past two years. One of the most rewarding parts of looking back on these interviews is to witnessing the continued growth of many of the speakers from the summit. When I listen back to this interview compared to my recent conversations, […]