2018 didn’t go according to plan.

It started in London accepting a wine award for Outstanding Achievement on my WSET Level 2 exam.

Upon return to states, Emily, my wife, and I moved from Chicago to Kansas City.

The wine opportunities in Kansas City are slim, but I made it work with freelance work for different wine businesses including DTC companies to wine product inventors.

Originally, I had planned to relaunch the Road to Wine Expert Summit in April. But life happened.

Building Momentum in 2018

Once I started planning my trip to Sonoma (as part of winning the Laithwaite’s prize), a whole new momentum started happening.

Opportunities continued to roll in for freelance work and I stumbled across a Marketing Manager opportunity at Domaine, a wine storage company based in Saint Louis, MO.

Soon enough, I would interview with Katherine, COO of Domaine, and I started working on a project with Domaine which lead to my new position as Marketing Manager.

A New Gig

I started full-time in July and lived a transient lifestyle with a crash pad in Saint Louis and my wife and dog back in Kansas City. The Monday morning and Friday evening commutes (4.5 hours!) weren’t ideal, but the job was overwhelmingly satisfying.

In the middle of July, I went to Sonoma, and it was another transformative experience in wine.

As summer turned into fall, the newness of the job had worn off and I missed my wife. We were determined to be together in Saint Louis by the holidays.

Getting the band back together

Domaine was growing (it still is) and we were in desperate need of an HR professional. I shared the job description with Emily. While we agreed that it was perfect for her, she wasn’t to keen to be working with me.

So, Emily kept her sights on other opportunities to work in Saint Louis.

In the meantime, I dove deep into working at Domaine. As a result, my work with Wine Blueprint and here was stalled.

After Emily started to interact with more of the team at Domaine, she started to see herself as part of the team (for the record, I pictured her in the role the entire time).

Emily became the Employee Engagement Manager in November, and as the biggest supporter of the Summit (outside of my parents), she started asking questions about creating a podcast.

And that got me thinking…

Where does that leave us in 2019?

In short, The Road to Wine Expert Summit is becoming a The Road to Wine Expert Podcast.

I’m re-releasing old interviews with new introductions, creating follow-ups and building a platform for people in the wine industry.

And it wouldn’t be possible without Emily and Domaine.

Domaine is now the Official Sponsor of The Road to Wine Expert, and I’m grateful for the support and resources to make this dream a reality.

Special thanks to Emily who continues to inspire me.

Enjoy the content and don’t forget to enjoy the wine.

Published by Brian McCann

Brian McCann started his wine journey out of luck, faith and coincidence. Ultimately, he left his 9-to-5 and found himself in wine. He combines his passion for wine, marketing and technology as the Marketing Manager at Domaine, the largest wine storage network in the U.S. His heartbreak grape is Syrah.

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