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Season 2 has arrived.

Welcome to the Road to Wine Expert. If you’re here, you’re hopefully on your own wine journey.

I’d love to know…how did you get your start into wine?

Or as I ask every guest:

What was the transformative experience that got you into wine?

In asking this question so many times, I realized my answer is a bit muddy. But you can listen on my episode of the podcast.

I’ve been on a wine journey for a relatively long time. However, it was a slow start before I experienced rapid growth in wine learning and education.

Even this podcast got off to a slow start. Before I had the idea to do a podcast, I launched a summit. And before that, I launched several fun, but less successful wine projects.

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And we’re back! The Road To Wine Expert is officially a podcast.

It’s been a long journey since I launched the Road To Wine Expert Summit almost two years ago. The interviews and content are too good not to share. Now, I get to bring it back to make it free for everyone forever.

Stay tuned to our site, along with our Instagram and Facebook as we continue to announce the upcoming podcast schedule for the re-release of some of my favorite interviews from the summit.

Road To Wine Expert Podcast Season 1 Schedule

Below is a look at the upcoming guests for our podcast. You can explore all our episodes here.

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