Do we even stand a chance at becoming wine experts?

Not really, but there’s hope.

First things first though…I’m not an expert. Nor do I pretend to be one.

But after interviewing over 30 different wine experts, I learned none of us really are.

Master of Wine and owner of Fine Vintage LTD, James Cluer said:

I would generally guess that I might know less than 1% of what there is to know about wine. In fact, I can guarantee you, I know less than .0001% of what there is to know about wine. I would say I have the general idea, frankly.

So if someone who has dedicated their life to wine admits to knowing very little about it…

What in the heck are the wine loving normal people supposed to do?

Well…I’m on a mission to find out.

Founder of Fine Vintage LTD and Master of Wine, James Cluer admits to knowledge of the wine world. Do us regular folks have a shot at learning about wine?

But how did that mission start?

Okay, beginnings are hard. But my creative writing teacher in college said they’re more important than endings.

So while I believe my wine learning obsession is 20 years in the making, I only recently became hellbent on learning about wine. In fact, my commitment to learning truly began in October of 2016.

I’ve attempted to capture some of the highlights in several different blog posts.

Give them a read through if you’re interested in how I got here. 

My Journey Into Wine

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So what’s the point if we can’t become experts ourselves?

Geez…negative Nancy, take it easy.

But I get it. It’s sour grapes hearing that wine expertise doesn’t have a shortcut. It’s a long, winding road (cue the Beatles).

But my goal is to find the secret sauce, the tips and the tricks of getting there faster.

Here are the quick hits:

  • 1Drink lots of wine
  • 2Work in lots of jobs
  • 3Read lots about wine
  • 4Find a wine mentor

I know, it’s not rocket science. But it pretty fun right? You get to drink and read your way through the wine world.

But out of all the above facts, I think #4 is most important. You need to find your wine guru, and in most people’s cases it’s gurus (definitely for me).

So my goal is to highlight the best in the industry while sharing my my own personal journey.

And why me? Well…

I did manage to cram 2 years of experience into less than two months in order to pass the Introductory Sommelier exam. Then, the following weekend I aced the WSET Level 2 exam.

So I know something about the beginning, but next to nothing about the end.

But if you want to follow my journey and learn from the best in the industry, there’s no better place than the Road to Wine Expert.


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