Chappy Cottrell is the man behind the mic at Cru Podcast. Listening to Chappy’s interviews was a source of inspiration for The Road to Wine Expert Summit. After all, here was someone seeking out wine stories of industry folk.

Chappy Cottrell is someone who I got to meet in real life when I made my first trip to Sonoma, California in July 2018. We got coffee, shared some laughs and some vino. An all around great time.

I’m thrilled to see his continued success with his podcast and his wine career.

But let’s take a step back before we go forward. To hear how Chappy started in the wine industry, listen to his podcast episode below.

“Try it and see what happens.”

Chappy Cottrell

Listen to Chappy Cottrell’s Interview

Update on Chappy Cottrell

It was fun to flip the script and ask Chappy questions. If you’ve enjoyed our thoughtful interview, do yourself a favor and subscribe to his show, Cru Podcast.

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re looking to scratch that itch of great wine content. You’ll see lots of familiar faces, including many guests of this podcast, plus some plenty of amazing guests.

Chappy is also crushing it, pardon the pun, at Barndiva in Healdsburg, California.

About Chappy

Chappy Cottrell is a marketer, podcaster, and wine enthusiast. He studied fermentation science at Appalachian State University while working at a family owned winery in Boone, North Carolina. 

He is also the host & producer of Cru Podcast, a weekly wine podcast where he interviews influential wine professionals in order to share their stories. You can tune into Cru Podcast at the links below.

Connect with Chappy Cottrell

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Brian McCann started his wine journey out of luck, faith and confidence, and often times the complete opposite of all those things. Ultimately, he left his 9-to-5 and found himself in wine. His heartbreak grape is Syrah.

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